February 6, Sixth Walk

6 Feb

But tomorrow will break that chain. Tuesdays and Thursdays I take off, plus one other day of my choice for a total of four days a week. Written in stone. Mostly.

This afternoon the wind was predicted to shift to the north and the temps are predicted to drop. I hope it snows. The snow has melted noticeably during the time I’ve been walking, which doesn’t seem right for February in far northern Wisconsin. I ordered some hiking boots and look forward to their arrival. Wednesday I’ll probably have to wear the pack boots again.

Today I decided to bite off another chunk of road, so I’m not sure how far I walked until I measure it tomorrow with the car. Close to 2 miles, I think. Approaching that BIG HILL but still only walking the foothill so to speak. My right knee seems to hurt more on the downhills, but then the strain of walking uphill makes up for it so maybe it evens out.

Stopped as usual on the bridge. This bridge used to be a magical place, right down close to the river, but it’s been “improved” so that now the river is a long way down over a lot of rocks. Behind the garage is a rusty old road sign that says, “One Lane Bridge Ahead”. Tried to ignore the Corona box that has lodged against the rocks so far below, and the one graffito that says MASTERBATE (sic) painted in white on the guard rail. Not the most propituous spot I wouldn’t think.

It was very neat to hear soughing in the trees and actually look around and see just ONE tree with the wind shaking its needles, like seeing a patch of ripples on the water and knowing that there lies a puff of wind. I love that sound from my bedroom window.

A raven slides out from under a big pine and glides towards a lonely farmhouse. A lone crow sentinel in an oak tree calls out and several more answer. Then they all rise up and fly noisily away. At first I thought it was about me, but I think more likely it was a hawk, though I didn’t see one.


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