Cold and Sunshiny

8 Feb

We had a cold snap after my last walk, and it was significantly colder today, although still by 3:30 it was a little above freezing. Still it felt cold and by the time I got home my feet in their lightweight walking shoes, were cold. I carried foot warmers in my pocket but didn’t use them.

Strangely, every walk I’ve done has taken me right about an hour, though I’ve added a good quarter mile (which translates to half a mile there and back) to the walk. I think I will keep it at this length for awhile. It’s .9 miles from my house to Paulson Road, so it’s a 1.8 mile walk. After that it’s THE HILL, and I don’t think I can equate any time spent on the hill in terms of miles. Just see how it goes…

The river, which had melted more and more every day is now almost frozen solid, except for the spot by the Corona box and the rocks, where the water swirls.

Tom Cook said he collected pussy willows yesterday. That’s WAY too early!


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