Ten Degrees and Getting Colder

10 Feb

Only around 18F today, but tonight the forecast is for below 0F, so already I feel cold.  A pair of shoes arrived in my mailbox today, I hurried inside hoping it would be my new hiking boots, but no, it was the pair of Teva sandals I bought on sale the same day.  They will be nice next summer, but in the meantime I put on the heavy pack boots with the foot warmers in the toes and set off…

I discovered that a simple stocking cap over my balaclava keeps much of the sun out of my eyes in the late afternoon.  Wind gusting from the north, so the first half of the trip was less pleasant than the second.  There was what looked like cat tracks crossing the road close to the bridge, bobcat maybe?  Not big enough for anything else, and no claw marks.  Straight line of tracks.  The UPS truck passed me coming back, and sure enough it turned into my road.  Ahh, my hiking boots!  Now if the foot warmers fit into them I’ll be good to go!

Coming back down my road a pair of deer stopped and watched me approach for at least a couple tenths of a mile.  Finally, one ran off and the other stopped looking at me and put her head to the side, perhaps to catch the scent, and then she ran off too.


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