20 Feb

I thought today would be especially hard because I hauled in wood this morning and did a bit of yard work, but actually it went very well.

Stopped at the bridge and admired the artwork done by a neighbor to the north. It’s a sad story. They are Native and some of the other neighbors look down their long white noses at them, but when I moved here ten years ago those two little boys always waved at me when I drove by the bridge where they played in the summer. Later I got to know their mom and she’s nicer than some of the other neighbors with the long noses. Two summers ago the oldest boy who was 18 or 19 got chased off a cliff in a drunken fight and was killed. The younger boy did a symbolic mural on the bridge in memory of his brother and the place they played.

I have a picture of it somewhere but I haven’t figured out how to upload pictures yet. Coming home I met some other neighbors who power-walk every day. We talked a bit about walking and then I came on home. The guy said he thought my tracks were raccoon tracks, but I have my doubts. In fact, I just looked up raccoon tracks and they look NOTHING like the ones we saw. So much for the guy calling himself a “tracker”.

They were explaining that they walk 150 steps a minute… eeek.


One Response to “Neighbors”

  1. David Parmentier 03/19/2012 at 10:14 am #

    sad two little boy tale – ufff

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