My Toes is Froze and So’s my Nose

24 Feb

Did about a half a walk today because the footwarmer does NOT fit inside my hiking boot without pinching my foot horribly. So I carried it in my mitten, and about halfway there I tried again at the only place where there is something I can lean on to do it.

Instant pain and a fair bit of cursing followed, the footwarmer went back into the mitt and I came home with a cold foot and increasingly cold hands.

It isn’t that cold, only 24F but there’s a serious wind out of the west with gusts according to the weather Underground, up to 6 mph. That’s gone up from the 4 that I saw before I left. I need to learn how to dress for wind gusts I guess. And actually, 24F is about ten degrees colder than it has been.


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