Back at it Again

4 Mar

On Wednesday, leap year day, we had one of the worst blizzards we have had in years. EVERYTHING was shut down. So I spent the entire day shoveling paths around the house, and then periodically renewing and expanding them. The snowplow didn’t even GET to me until late that night, and they left an enormous ridge in front of my garage door, which took me all day Thursday to clear up in time to leave at 5 pm to go sing. I’ve shoveled that ridge (windrow?) many times over the years but this time it was icy and not easy to get the scoop or the shovel into. Friday and Saturday (three more inches of snow) were more of the same, more shoveling and I sincerely felt that I was getting as much exercise as I needed without walking, in addition to my back being slightly painful.

So today, Sunday, I finally got back out on the road and indeed it felt quite good. Everything is much more wintry. Traffic was minimal. There is a dog at the house exactly a mile from here, it never barks, but I don’t think it’s on a chain either. It stands and watches me reach the house and turn around. I think it’s a Rottweiler type of dog and it makes me nervous. I approached it wondering if my two hiking sticks would be an advantage and trying to figure out how I might use them, then I decided that my negative energy might actually transfer to the dog so I started sending love vibes to it instead. My guess is that none of this made a damn bit of difference.

Beautiful snowy day; I’m glad I went walking in it. I am SO happy that the foot warmer works inside this pair of hiking boots that I found at the thrift store, half a size bigger than the expensive ones I bought new.


One Response to “Back at it Again”

  1. David Parmentier 03/19/2012 at 9:58 am #

    shoot the dog…

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