Another Chunk!

10 Mar

I am now walking two and a quarter miles, the last quarter of which is uphill, and then of course, downhill. It was really neat to be walking past new scenery, different trees and landmarks. The really neat thing about walking up the hill is the lovely view I get when I turn around and come back.

I think I probably should walk in other places too, so as not to get bored with this one. But I really DO like just walking out the door, it feels freeing somehow. Waiting for my new improved pedometer to arrive, I had to send the first one – actually the SECOND one – back. The first one I took back. But I need to have some standard measure so if I go somewhere else I can get a similar length walk in.

Still trying to reconcile myself to the fact that my legs hurt when I walk, sometimes more than others and sometimes I get a stitch or a glitch and have to stop for a minute. That does NOT mean that they can’t get stronger which is the whole point of the exercise.


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