Spring in March in Northern Wisconsin!

11 Mar

Kind of a scary concept, but nice for walking! I put the cleats on a pair of shoes that come on and off easily so I could walk the first hundred yards out of my place on the rapidly melting and VERY slippery road. After that it was clear and cleats are less than fun to walk on. It’s easier for me to take the shoes off than the cleats.

I did my upwardly amended walk again in the beautiful clear weather. Met some neighbors which is another advantage of walking out from my house. Otherwise a fairly uneventful walk. Weekends are really nice for traffic; much less of it and generally more friendly. During the week people are coming home from work and as I can well remember, they can’t wait to get home. I am SO fortunate to live in a fairly remote corner of the world where there really is no such thing as rush hour.

I must have walked really slowly this time – even slower than my normal snail’s pace, because it took me an hour and 45 minutes to walk 2.25 miles. But as I’ve said a few times before, I’m not in a race with anybody and it’s all good.


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