Killer Tuesday and a Hemlock Tree

13 Mar

I don’t know why, but Tuesdays are always hard. I do work three hours in the morning, volunteering in the local thrift store but that isn’t hard work. It was a bag sale today though and they are often hectic, with people lined up carrying armloads of (mostly) clothes. We have to put them in the bags because not all items are included, so there are always a few hassles about that.

NOT that that should make my knees hurt more though. I think it’s just a general tiredness. Twice I told myself that I’d turn around when I reached the next landmark, and both times I kept going. The second time I reminded myself that I needed FOUR trips to my new landmark to seal it in (become accustomed to walking this far). But the last quarter mile really dragged, I was thirsty too so it was really nice to get home and sit. The cat thinks so too I guess, she hasn’t left my lap since I sat down to write.

And I did find a Hemlock tree, which is special to me because there are very few of them in this area and I grew up in a hemlock forest , so they remind me of home.

I took my binoculars, because birds are starting to appear again here, but I didn’t see any on the trip. They are all at my house where they get fed really well. I wanted to try out my new Leupold Binocular harness, and I like it a lot. It gets the weight off my neck and it’s easy to get on and off. Now if my pedometer would just come…


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