Feels so GOOD to SIT!

16 Mar

This was my fourth trek to the most recent destination, part-way up the hill. “Heart Attack Hill”, my chiropractor called it and immediately I said, “WHAT! You mean I shouldn’t be doing this?”, and he said no, as long as I don’t feel a tightness in my chest, which would mean that my heart can’t pump enough blood through my system – he called it “Angina”, and I hadn’t known that this was the definition of angina. As far as I can tell, I don’t have that. I do have to stop now and then, but that’s because my legs hurt. I think I’ll do four more to this destination, and then take on the steepest part of the hill. If my chest doesn’t feel tight after doing that, I should be fine.

But oh, how glad I always am to be home afterwards! I enjoy walking, but I do seem to burn out on the home stretch, and I wonder if some of that isn’t mental. Not, however, the part that I feel in my body. Whew.


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