Another Day, Another Walk

17 Mar

Why do I seem to start out thinking I won’t make it? Then I do make it but coming home I get the feeling that I may not make it and if I fell I’d be stranded (I wouldn’t – I have my phone with me). And when I arrive, I hurt all over and am so tired I can hardly move! This has actually improved a bit, the feeling doesn’t last as long, but I’m still at the point where I wouldn’t want to do this first thing in the morning; I’d be wasted until noon!

80 degrees here so I decided to carry a water bottle. None of my PC stainless bottles fit into the space in my belly bag so I had to find a little plastic bottle from somewhere else. And I drank every BIT of that water so it was a good thing I brought it. I did forget the sunscreen so I hope I’ll be OK. I do need to remember that when it’s hot.

Trying to meditate to take my mind off of the mantra, “my knees hurt” so for awhile I meditated on love. It actually did make me feel better for awhile. I guess I can be proud that I did the whole walk and this makes it Day Six.


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