Walking in the Intermittent Rain

23 Mar

Intermittent as in windshield wipers which means a sort of constant drizzle. My raincoat is soaked and my blaze orange semi-waterproof hat is wet, but my head is dry. There is something freeing about going outside in weather that keeps most people indoors. I remember that feeling from the days when I ran too.

Today as I walked past the dog on the way up, I felt remarkably unafraid considering it isn’t restrained in any way, but coming back and deliberately trying to send “love” to this big brown dog, suddenly now there were two dogs, and the other one was a little yapper dog that came right to the edge of their property, yapping the whole time. This apparently riled the bigger dog because I could see the hair on its back standing up, but neither of them came out into the road. I think the love went out the window, replaced by gratefulness when I was well past their house.

The good news though is that today I can really say I’m beginning to feel some benefit from doing this. It’s been almost two months, but my knees actually DON’T hurt as much, and I’m not dragging as much coming home. So that indeed is cause to celebrate.


One Response to “Walking in the Intermittent Rain”

  1. David Parmentier 03/24/2012 at 9:31 am #

    yeah bein out in the world when modern foo’s be stayin’ in they boxes is good! the life of the gypsy!

    strong legs and less achey knees is also very positive! and think – this is only 2 months in – wait til ya gots two years invested!!!

    a magazine arrived for aril today – thanks mamma (say I and he – and I still have cold toes from the fjord swim..)

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