Really Truly Getting Stronger!

28 Mar

Life and related activities have been interfering with my walking. Last weekend I decided to do a job I’d been putting off for months and paint the bathroom ceiling. I had a new shower put in over a year ago, and they finally came and finished plastering the part above the shower about 6 months ago. I bought the paint on February 7 (according to the computer print-out on the can) so it seemed like a good thing to do. But the bathroom was total chaos until I got it done, so I worked non-stop for most of two days. That seems like a long time but there were complications, and three different colors involved and now it’s done. Whew.

But tomorrow and Friday I won’t be able to walk either; too much going on. But, today was a lovely walk and my knees really DON’T hurt as much as they used to, and I just plain FEEL better about walking.

I haven’t approached the hill now in the last two walks because of the little yapper dog. So I turned down a side road and watched my pedometer and got an appropriately long one in. I ordered a can of pepper spray and when it comes I’ll approach the hill again. But pepper spray cannot be shipped via air so it may take awhile, and I discovered that Wisconsin has laws about it which prohibit the really strong stuff, and I’m fine with that, as long as 10% is strong enough for a little yapper dog. I’ve never sprayed a dog yet with it, and I used to run in a residential neighborhood in Illinois. It’s mostly for my peace of mind.


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