To Go or Not to Go

1 Apr

I spent a major time on this walk debating the issue. My son wants me to come to Norway for his son’s (my grandson’s) Coming of Age ceremony on May 5th, and then stay for their National Holiday on the 17th. These are both really BIG DEALS there, the coming of age thing is when the child receives his National Costume, called a Bunad, and they are all very colorful and take an amazing amount of work, usually by the parent.

The problem is I was just there for Christmas and I don’t have a lot of money, but I am really seriously thinking of doing it. My son played trombone in high school and as far as I know hasn’t played it since, but he is renting one to play in the band for the parade on the 17th. My grandson plays the trumpet, and my son suggested that I come and bring my flute. Now I ask you, WHO could pass up an opportunity to march up and down the hills of this tiny town in the fjords of Norway playing the flute with my son and my grandson playing brass? It’s just a small band, no more than ten people. I am sorely tempted to just buy the ticket and damn the torpedoes.

The walk went well. I notice now that even when my legs and my back hurt, I still can just keep walking and definitely have more stamina. But the BEER when I come home tastes really good.


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