Picking Beer Cans in the Rain

7 Apr

I really didn’t want to go out today. I had spent a large portion of the morning hauling in firewood and trying to build a new stack from some that was piled out by the barn and never stacked up. Wet wood, when you have to start at the bottom.

But I took a break at lunchtime and did something a bit less taxing for awhile and by 3 pm I decided I could do it. The morning had been beautiful and sunny, but by three the clouds had gathered and by 3:30 it was in full spate.

I made it to the top of the hill, sat on half of my raincoat on my rock at the top, and came back down. I had brought a plastic bag to collect the remains of somebody’s beer party and by the time I had it all collected, the bag was WAY too big to get into my pocket, so I tried to tie it to my raincoat pocket zipper thing, but it hung too low and clanked into my walking stick and then my butt, so I decided to undo it and leave it there. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t undo, and I wound up ripping my raincoat zipper before finally tearing the plastic on either side.

It rained progressively harder and harder and I was pumping along pretty fast. My hands got cold and then warmed up again, but interestingly I only stopped once, briefly, on the bridge. I used to stop several times on the last stretch of the walk. Now I’m stopping several times on the steep part of the hill, but not coming home on the flat. I think that’s progress.

So I got back about ten minutes earlier than the last time, stripped off the wet raincoat and got in the car and went back for the bag. It was interesting covering that same distance in about five minutes in the car when it took me two hours by foot. Ahh, progress.


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