Worn. Out.

8 Apr

On this beautiful but windy Easter day, I thought the walk was going to kill me.  I made it however.  A nice man on a bicycle passed me going up the steep part of the hill.  He did not get off his bicycle either, but he was friendly.

There’s a trick to dressing for the weather every day, and I’m thinking that I win if I use some of the stuff I bring at least once, and this time I did.  It was a shifting wind that required a balaclava walking into it and only my cap the rest of the time.

I took more breaks than usual, especially coming home.  I love sitting on the railing of the bridge, listening to the water rushing over the rocks.  It’s very soothing.  My knees and my back were both hurting though and it is with pleasure that I look forward to taking the next two days off.


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