Tender Knees and my First Bear of the Season

11 Apr

My knees have been hurting ever since those three days in a row of going straight up the big hill. And I realized, after I had started out that I was dreading the walk today. I finally figured out it was the hill and that I probably need to let the knees have a little more rest. So I turned left at the start of the hill and walked along a (fairly level) gravel road that intersects the hill road.

Nice beautiful clear day – I heard grouse drumming and a pileated woodpecker squawking and enjoyed the lack of traffic on this road. I really do need to figure out how to put pictures up on this blog, especially for the people in other countries who don’t know our birds. Pileated woodpeckers are huge birds, at least as big as a crow.

Got home about the same time as usual so I must have guestimated the distance fairly well. Didn’t take the pedometer because I thought I was doing the same walk as I’d been doing.
Sat on the bridge enjoying the beautiful day, and walked home. My knees hurt, but not as bad as they did last Sunday.

Arrived home to find my birdfeeder on the ground and the suet bag gone, so I must have had a fairly large uninvited guest while I was gone. I have put more seed out now but I keep looking out the window.


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