Back at it!

17 Apr

Let’s see, Friday my chiropractor told me to rest a couple of days. Sunday rain was forecast so early in the morning I brought in as much wood as I could stack on top of the woodbox to dry and covered up my woodpiles. Shortly after that it started raining, and the wind came up and howled, and I admit, I couldn’t make myself go out in it.

During the night the wind increased in intensity, rattling the windows and shaking the house, and when I woke up there were 2 inches of fluffy white stuff and miscellaneous twigs scattered over the yard.

I have a small part in a play which required attention, so again I didn’t walk, consequently today was my first walk in six days. I walked right up the big hill, sat on my rock and walked back down. It took me fifteen minutes longer than usual, maybe because I thoroughly enjoyed three nice long rests. I suppose my next goal should be to stop less, but perhaps that just comes with practice. I know I stop a lot less on the straightaway than I did when I first started walking.

There was a huge white pine that the wind took the top 30 feet right off and laid it along next to the road. Luckily the ones on my place that I can see from the house and from my walk are all fine. I suppose I should really take a walk out farther in back and look around though.


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