Beautiful Day But No Birds

20 Apr

Took the binoculars, but hardly used them. Heard a number of familiar birds, and one unfamiliar that no matter how I tried, I couldn’t find in the new green leaves of the poplar trees. I heard it’s single peep … peep … peep, but finally had to give up and move on.

The night after my last walk I had the worst leg cramps I’ve ever had. They didn’t wait until I was sleeping either, they hit me after I had started to relax in my soft comfy chair. First the top of the right thigh, then when that one finally stopped spazzing, I tried to get up only to be grabbed by a similar cramp in the top of the left thigh. I grabbed my water bottle and guzzled down nearly all of it in between spasms. Then I went to bed and to sleep only to be waked up again, this time the top of one thigh and behind the knee of the other. I did not like that.

So I am now taking a calcium pill right before bed and drinking lots and lots of water, but of course today I forgot to take my water bottle. When the temperature’s in the fifties, I don’t feel thirsty.

Didn’t do the hill today, trying to alternate because I don’t think I’m ready to do the hill every day. Still felt a bit low-energy today and cut the walk about 2 tenths of a mile short. At this stage in life I see no reason to push myself past my limits.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Day But No Birds”

  1. David Parmentier 04/21/2012 at 10:32 am #

    ha ha – you’re young – push push push those limtis! they aint gonna get no less in yo’ face – if’n you don’ push em now, when can you??

  2. Gimpwalker 04/21/2012 at 11:42 am #

    The problem, David, is that when I push too hard, I get hurt, and then I wind up having to miss several days of walking. That happened just last week. So I have to follow my instinct to some extent.

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