Yellow Flowers on a Cloudy Day

21 Apr

Either yellow is truly the color of spring, or I just got lucky today. My yellow primrose is blooming and on today’s walk I saw yellow dandelions, Marsh Mallows, and these little yellow spreading flowers that are everywhere here. They only grow a couple of inches high but they make huge colonies. Someday I will ID them, maybe even today.  Ahh here it is, they are called Barren Strawberries.  Let’s see if I can get my picture to post here:

                                                                                       Barren Strawberries

It was a nice walk, right up to the top of my hill. I stopped four times on the steep part. I want to keep track of that and see if I can get that number down. Coming back, I stopped twice the whole way back to my house. Downhill is easier on the body, lungs and heart, but not so much on the knees. They hurt a bit coming down.

Have definitely acquired what I think of as “power spots”, places that seem a bit neater than the rest. When I get done with gallivanting and singing I will take some pictures of some of them.

Another thought I had was that sitting down never felt so virtuous as when I come home from a two hour walk. And yes, I do know that sitting is not particularly good for you. But it feels sublime!


One Response to “Yellow Flowers on a Cloudy Day”

  1. David Parmentier 04/22/2012 at 11:15 am #

    good stuff mamma – good stuff! personally I think up is easier on the bod than down – up is only muscle – down requires tendons and ligaments and other sensitivites…

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