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Second Day Out

11 Jun

Didn’t walk yesterday, it was 95 in the shade which is scarily unseasonable for Lake Superior. So today I managed to get out there at 7:20 and had a lovely walk. An hour and a half instead of an hour so it’s building back.

I find that I haven’t, after a month off, gone back to where I was when I first started, which is very good. Just not quite ready to face the big hill yet. I wore a regular cap this time which was MUCH better than the straw hat for keeping the sun out.

I saw something on the road that I’d never seen before, a salamander. Oh, how I hope it makes it across the road. I don’t hold out much hope though, at the rate it was going and its tiny size. Looked it up when I got home and I think it was a blue-black salamander, about three inches long and probably recently hatched. May the Source be with it!