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Walked Yesterday and Forgot to Blog

13 Jun

Probably because I walked to work from the car repair place and couldn’t blog from work. It’s a nice 2.5 mile walk into town and then through town on the railroad grade for quite awhile. I need to find where the railroad grade starts so I can get off the highway sooner.

It is beautiful in there, birds and trees and flowers. An American Redstart flew down and flew right past my face then up into a tree where he showed off for several minutes. Not sure if the males help with raising the young, I think they do and there may have been a nest nearby.

So now I’m without a car for 3 days, but I still have my arthritic legs.


Not My Normal Walk

24 Apr

Well, the plan was to climb up the big hill, but last night I was thinking about all the things that might happen at the car place (such as it might not be finished at 1 pm) and suddenly it hit me – I had two hours to use up in between dropping the car off at 8, and starting to work at 10, and the car place is a couple miles out of town. So I walked into town, it was a lovely morning, and I took the scenic route as soon as I could, to get off the highway.

Funny how much more you see when you are walking than you do when driving. It’s almost another world. I used up almost half an hour trying to find the old railroad grade, couldn’t find it and had to come back out to the highway. The next attempt farther down got me on to the railroad grade, which was much prettier, though straight as an arrow, and nobody was on it but me and the birds.

I felt a bit strange in town with my walking stick and baseball cap, but I persevered. Lovely walk but no hill.