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Beautiful, Beautiful Day!

17 Jun

Today I woke up at 5 am and tried to go back to sleep but by 5:30 it occurred to me that if I got up right NOW I might get a walk in before it gets too hot.

So I managed to get myself out there by 7, and managed to walk all the way to the top of Maple Hill, where I have not been since early May before I went to Norway. Oh my, how it’s grown. I could hardly find my favorite (and the only) Hemlock tree without a search. I finally found it. It makes me happy just knowing it’s there.

I marched right up the steep part, only stopping once, and didn’t sit on my rock because I was worried about ticks. I did lean on my favorite red pine tree right before the steep part. That one is back in on a driveway that I have never seen a car in, and if there was anybody in the cabin beyond it I’d see a car parked there. It’s a nice spot to stop, take a drink, and enjoy the deep woods feel. I am SO glad I went today.

I walked yesterday too and forgot to blog, because it was in town with my friend who I hadn’t seen in months, along her favorite path along the lakefront, after which we went to lunch and did some garage sales until the rain shut them all down.

I think I’m finally home.