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Beautiful, Beautiful Day!

17 Jun

Today I woke up at 5 am and tried to go back to sleep but by 5:30 it occurred to me that if I got up right NOW I might get a walk in before it gets too hot.

So I managed to get myself out there by 7, and managed to walk all the way to the top of Maple Hill, where I have not been since early May before I went to Norway. Oh my, how it’s grown. I could hardly find my favorite (and the only) Hemlock tree without a search. I finally found it. It makes me happy just knowing it’s there.

I marched right up the steep part, only stopping once, and didn’t sit on my rock because I was worried about ticks. I did lean on my favorite red pine tree right before the steep part. That one is back in on a driveway that I have never seen a car in, and if there was anybody in the cabin beyond it I’d see a car parked there. It’s a nice spot to stop, take a drink, and enjoy the deep woods feel. I am SO glad I went today.

I walked yesterday too and forgot to blog, because it was in town with my friend who I hadn’t seen in months, along her favorite path along the lakefront, after which we went to lunch and did some garage sales until the rain shut them all down.

I think I’m finally home.


Another New Spot

29 Apr

Still trying to figure out how best to accommodate my energy level. It seems I become fairly LOW energy after I’ve done the hill. So to honor that, I walked along a very straight path in town, a railroad grade heading out of town, and it was lovely but my knees were hurting and my pedometer fell off shortly after I started so I had no idea how far I’d walked. I am SO glad I paid the extra dollar for the clip thingy so that even if it comes off, it still dangles from the clip.

I was surprised at the different kinds of wildflowers I saw on this path – things I had thought only grew farther south, like Dogtooth Violets and Bloodroot.   Also as the path is between the lake and the highway and open to 4-wheelers, there is a LOT of garbage along the way.

I need to do the hill one more time before I fly off to Norway, but not sure when I can sandwich it in.

The Big Hill Again

28 Apr

This time I found a lightweight camp stool and put it into my widest backpack and carried it with me. It was nice to sit, but hard to get it in and out of the pack. Maybe I need to fasten straps right onto the stool, or get a new stool or some combination of the above.

Knees were fine until about half a mile from home, then they started talking to me but I ignored them and kept walking.

I only stopped three times on the steep part. Trying to walk from telephone pole to telephone pole before stopping. The stool is nice because I can position it at the top of the hill for maximum viewing pleasure. Some day I’ll take the camera up there, the view is quite nice.

Yellow Flowers on a Cloudy Day

21 Apr

Either yellow is truly the color of spring, or I just got lucky today. My yellow primrose is blooming and on today’s walk I saw yellow dandelions, Marsh Mallows, and these little yellow spreading flowers that are everywhere here. They only grow a couple of inches high but they make huge colonies. Someday I will ID them, maybe even today.  Ahh here it is, they are called Barren Strawberries.  Let’s see if I can get my picture to post here:

                                                                                       Barren Strawberries

It was a nice walk, right up to the top of my hill. I stopped four times on the steep part. I want to keep track of that and see if I can get that number down. Coming back, I stopped twice the whole way back to my house. Downhill is easier on the body, lungs and heart, but not so much on the knees. They hurt a bit coming down.

Have definitely acquired what I think of as “power spots”, places that seem a bit neater than the rest. When I get done with gallivanting and singing I will take some pictures of some of them.

Another thought I had was that sitting down never felt so virtuous as when I come home from a two hour walk. And yes, I do know that sitting is not particularly good for you. But it feels sublime!

Back at it!

17 Apr

Let’s see, Friday my chiropractor told me to rest a couple of days. Sunday rain was forecast so early in the morning I brought in as much wood as I could stack on top of the woodbox to dry and covered up my woodpiles. Shortly after that it started raining, and the wind came up and howled, and I admit, I couldn’t make myself go out in it.

During the night the wind increased in intensity, rattling the windows and shaking the house, and when I woke up there were 2 inches of fluffy white stuff and miscellaneous twigs scattered over the yard.

I have a small part in a play which required attention, so again I didn’t walk, consequently today was my first walk in six days. I walked right up the big hill, sat on my rock and walked back down. It took me fifteen minutes longer than usual, maybe because I thoroughly enjoyed three nice long rests. I suppose my next goal should be to stop less, but perhaps that just comes with practice. I know I stop a lot less on the straightaway than I did when I first started walking.

There was a huge white pine that the wind took the top 30 feet right off and laid it along next to the road. Luckily the ones on my place that I can see from the house and from my walk are all fine. I suppose I should really take a walk out farther in back and look around though.

Tender Knees and my First Bear of the Season

11 Apr

My knees have been hurting ever since those three days in a row of going straight up the big hill. And I realized, after I had started out that I was dreading the walk today. I finally figured out it was the hill and that I probably need to let the knees have a little more rest. So I turned left at the start of the hill and walked along a (fairly level) gravel road that intersects the hill road.

Nice beautiful clear day – I heard grouse drumming and a pileated woodpecker squawking and enjoyed the lack of traffic on this road. I really do need to figure out how to put pictures up on this blog, especially for the people in other countries who don’t know our birds. Pileated woodpeckers are huge birds, at least as big as a crow.

Got home about the same time as usual so I must have guestimated the distance fairly well. Didn’t take the pedometer because I thought I was doing the same walk as I’d been doing.
Sat on the bridge enjoying the beautiful day, and walked home. My knees hurt, but not as bad as they did last Sunday.

Arrived home to find my birdfeeder on the ground and the suet bag gone, so I must have had a fairly large uninvited guest while I was gone. I have put more seed out now but I keep looking out the window.

Picking Beer Cans in the Rain

7 Apr

I really didn’t want to go out today. I had spent a large portion of the morning hauling in firewood and trying to build a new stack from some that was piled out by the barn and never stacked up. Wet wood, when you have to start at the bottom.

But I took a break at lunchtime and did something a bit less taxing for awhile and by 3 pm I decided I could do it. The morning had been beautiful and sunny, but by three the clouds had gathered and by 3:30 it was in full spate.

I made it to the top of the hill, sat on half of my raincoat on my rock at the top, and came back down. I had brought a plastic bag to collect the remains of somebody’s beer party and by the time I had it all collected, the bag was WAY too big to get into my pocket, so I tried to tie it to my raincoat pocket zipper thing, but it hung too low and clanked into my walking stick and then my butt, so I decided to undo it and leave it there. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t undo, and I wound up ripping my raincoat zipper before finally tearing the plastic on either side.

It rained progressively harder and harder and I was pumping along pretty fast. My hands got cold and then warmed up again, but interestingly I only stopped once, briefly, on the bridge. I used to stop several times on the last stretch of the walk. Now I’m stopping several times on the steep part of the hill, but not coming home on the flat. I think that’s progress.

So I got back about ten minutes earlier than the last time, stripped off the wet raincoat and got in the car and went back for the bag. It was interesting covering that same distance in about five minutes in the car when it took me two hours by foot. Ahh, progress.