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Opposite and Alternate

31 Mar

A little more painful today, but nothing like it used to be. I think tomorrow I’ll go back up the hill. My pepper spray came today, but I didn’t have time to experiment with it so I took the side road instead of the hill. I really like that side road because there is NO traffic on it and NO houses, though if I went just a bit farther there would be. I’ve been going just over half a mile in and back out, but there are lots of Maple trees along that road, and I had an AHA moment standing there and trying to tell the Maples from the Basswoods and other deciduous trees that don’t have white bark. Still no leaves, so the twig and branch structure stands out. And I noticed that the Maples which have opposite twigs, really DO grow differently from the others. I stood there awhile in awe of my new discovery! And maybe now I will never tap another basswood in hopes of sweet sap.

All the traffic was from the south today, so I finally just gave up and crossed the road so they wouldn’t have to get in the other lane. There are fairly long stretches on this road where there is no shoulder at all, so it’s a game of listening and picking a side. I’m getting better at it. I’ve also noticed that on the weekends people are more inclined to wave as they drive by.

When I got to the bridge, there was somebody parked there, so I continued on without my usual 5-minute rest break. Maybe that’s why I’m more tired than usual. All the same, I credit my regular late afternoon walking with giving me back my morning energy, and for that I am extremely grateful.