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Yay! Walking Again!

9 Jun

Well, I went to Norway, and I played my flute in the raggedy little band and we marched up and down the streets of two tiny little Norwegian towns. The big deal for me was that my son was playing the trombone and my grandson was playing cornet.

The bad part was that all of us came down with the flu shortly after my cornet-playing grandson had his confirmation, and so we didn’t go for beautiful walks in the Norwegian mountains. Instead we sat in the living room and watched movies. We watched the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings on three separate days. And I read many many books.

The march took place between the flu and the stomach stuff I developed later, so it was one of the few days I actually felt good enough to do it. Sick on the airplane, though I made it home all right, only to come down with another cold.

So now I am finally more or less healthy and ready for walking, but oh, how I hate the heat! I walked from 7:30 to 8:30 this morning in an increase of almost ten degrees F. So next time I MUST get out there sooner. And NOT wear my straw hat because the sun comes right through it.

But I felt pretty good, and only turned around because it was hot and I was about to head into an unremitting stretch of pure sunshine. I walked about half – maybe a little more – of my former normal distance with no problems. I just need to get up earlier and get out there while the hot sun is just peeking over the horizon.